Please don’t say YOLO

Everyone has dreams of doing something that they know they will most likely never do. Think about it.  There are a lot of good reasons to not fulfill your dreams. My best reason? I have too many dreams and too little time to realize them all.

I bet you there is a whole list of things that you want to do but for which you don’t have the confidence, talent, time or money. Is this cowardly thinking? Perhaps. But please don’t say YOLO.

First of all, that is not even a real word. Second, YOLO has become some lame mantra used when people are in need for some kind of justification for something that doesn’t even deserve an excuse. YOLO is just a 21st century carpe diem without a purpose. I don’t take action today because I know whatever time I have now is going to end. I take action because I know that once today is gone, tomorrow will quickly follow. I’m not going to live selfishly aware of my own mortality. I am going to dare to dream big. I am going to seize the day for a better tomorrow. Carpe diem! ….. But please don’t say YOLO.

This was my first Daily Prompt!

80-word dialogue

Child: Mommy, are there monsters under my bed?

Mom: There are no monsters in this house, sweetie.

Child: Are you sure? What if they are just hiding from you and only want to eat me?”

Mom: Monsters don’t eat children. You’re safe!

Child: How do you know that?

Mom: Monsters only like to feast on the biggest, fattest and juiciest meals!

Child: Oh……. Mommy, I don’t want you to die!

Mom: I won’t! Wait a second… Did you just call me…

Child: Aunt Tina always says you are fat!



So I decided to start a blog. I don’t expect anyone to read my posts but thought it would be fun to join others in publishing my thoughts about this and that.
First off, I wanted to share this video because I have about 6 months before this song stops being age appropriate. It is a nice reminder to enjoy it while it lasts. Something we don’t always remember to do. Also, since I anticipate a lot of my blog to be music related, I think this song nicely illustrates how I feel about “top 40” music. Poor Taylor Swift gets a lot of hate these day. Sure her voice isn’t the best out there, but she writes a mean song (no pun intended….heh). I will generally appreciate any pop artist that I think has talent (especially of the songwriting kind), unlike some people who refuse to enjoy popular music under any circumstance.
I would write a nice concluding paragraph to my first post….but who am I kidding. I’m not here to impress anyone with my writing skills or thoughtfulness. So that’s it for my first post. Short and sloppy. :)